Voice direction

Voice actors and voice-overs are available in many shapes and sizes and they can record a script in very many ways. In my work as a voice director I always try to touch precisely that feeling that fits the subject, product or brand. That it is just right, that it feels good, that it appears credible and that I want to buy it. And sometimes that lies in very small details that are difficult to explain, but can be felt.

Over the years I have had many well-known, unknown, experienced and beginning voice actors behind the microphone. And nowadays the voice director becomes more important than ever. The world of voice-overs is changing. Brands and agencies look for a voice talent themselves, often with a home studio. The voice actor reads the script, usually without direction and the end result is the recorded script. Point. Sometimes they forgot to read a word, a wrongly pronounced name, just too little emphasis on the brand and an intonation that is not always correct. A voice director can make the difference to get the read script spot-on. And for that he doesn’t even have to come to the studio. You can do it remotely.

My experience lies in recording voice actors and voice-overs for corporate films, radio and TV commercials, documentaries, voice-response systems, animations, etc. Below you will find a selection from recent years.


voice direction • sound design • TBWA\NEBOKO • FC Walvisch • Cees Geel


voice direction • sound design • Grey • FC Walvisch • Martine Sandifort

Knorr Vie

voice direction • music composition • Alfred • FC Walvisch • Pim Veth • Tina de Bruin

Discovery Channel

voice direction • sound design • music composition • FC Walvisch