Music composition vs. sound design

Applied music and sound design, these two parts of sound often cross each other. Because when do you call something music composition and when is it sound design?

For the online event De Beste Brabantse Marketeer I was commissioned by animator Ton Mikkers and agency Studio Lauda to create the sound under the visual design. Ton gave me carte blanche for this project. After seeing the animations of the leader I felt invited to create a somewhat modern electronic sound.

I had sketched a pattern in my head for which I was going to look for the synthesizer sound. When I found it, I started to make a chord progression. In other words: my first approach was to create the musical setting. With the music I tried to find triggers in the animation to attach the music to. The falling of the brick is the first beat, the melody syncs with the titles on the screen, etc. And is that called composition or is that sound design? Gradually I was dressing more cues in images with sound. But usually in a musical way. For example, the peeling of the stone. A batch of high pitched bells, living nicely in the reverb.

All in all, it resulted in a coherent whole in which the sound effects and music go hand in hand.