Sound for an animated explainer video

Explanation animation, explanimation, animated explainer video .. different terms for the same thing: an animated video explaining something. For example, a household product, a software package, the effect of a medicine, but also how to get out of a business building when the fire alarm goes off. The purpose of such a video is to make a complicated story understandable by means of a 2D or 3D animation accompanied by matching sound design. An animation film like this is often made by an animation agency while a sound designer is asked for the sound. And that’s where I come into the picture. Or in the sound in my case. Over the years I have been able to provide a lot of explainer animations with sound and music.

The sound for explanimations is incredibly important. For example, a voice-over is the first step of the audio part. This provides an auditory explanation of what should be told in the animation. The voice actor voicing the script must be directed by a voice director and also recorded in high quality. Directing a voice-over is important, because often technical terms are used in the video that need further explanation on how to pronounce them. A voice actor can rarely do without proper direction for explainer videos. Because a voice director is called in, you prevent a voice actor from having to crawl behind the microphone several times. So it’s very cost effective. Especially if the sound designer at the same time is an experienced voice director, as in my case.

In addition, support for the animation is needed through the use of sound effects and, if necessary, music to create or enhance a certain atmosphere. Attention sounds, sounds that literally show what is happening in the picture (a barking dog, a bicycle bell, etc.) and sounds that reinforce image effects. Whooosshhhhh … When it comes to the music there’s also a lot to vary, but setting the right tone is key. For a medical explanation animation you shouldn’t to use a cheerful banjo with a whistled melody for instance.

Below you will find a number of examples of explanation animations, in Dutch and English.



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